Aligned Risk Management is a Rio Rancho small business founded in 2015. We have been serving healthcare clients and other covered entities with targeted HIPAA compliance consulting, with Aligned Risk Management serving as a specialized consultancy to help HIPAA covered entities stay compliant, profitable and competitive in the most challenging and regulated of business environments.

Aligned Risk Management currently employs four people, who work at our office in Rio Rancho. The firm represents more than 30 years combined experience conducting HIPAA risk assessments and related services. Our diverse team offers a uniquely broad set of skills in business strategy, healthcare operations, cybersecurity and compliance.

Our Mission

To help HIPAA covered entities stay compliant, profitable, and competitive in the most challenging and regulated of business environments.

Company Overview

Aligned Risk Management (ARM) gives doctors, hospitals, and other HIPAA-covered entities the comfort and confidence to keep moving forward. Our expert staff provide key insights into the HIPAA privacy law, and ARM’s specialized knowledge of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) makes us the leading consulting firm for risk assessment and regulatory compliance management.

We believe that HIPAA compliance should never be a roadblock to success. We are committed to streamlining your compliance efforts to give you more time for innovation and growth. Let us help you manage your HIPAA obligations so you can get back to what doctors do best: doctoring.

Our Process

A thorough and accurate risk assessment is required by HIPAA, §164.308(a)(1)(ii)(A).

We believe a risk assessment should not be viewed as just a bureaucratic hurdle. A risk assessment is the foundation of any compliance strategy, but it is more. An effective risk assessment is a strategic best practice for any organization and an essential first step towards honoring the trust that patients place in their healthcare providers.

Aligned Risk Management has a unique and proven process for conducting a thorough and accurate HIPAA risk assessment. Our risk assessment report will not only meet regulatory requirements, it will create real business value and inform strategic decision-making.

The Aligned Risk Management approach is hands-on. Our risk analysts will lead deep-dive interviews with key staff at the organization, which may include the HIPAA privacy and security officer, the IT manager, the practice administrator, contractors, outside consultants and others. Critical information is gathered from site visits, policy document analyses and vendor contract reviews. All data is collected and managed in Aligned Risk Management’s proprietary ARMIS (Aligned Risk Management Information System) and delivered digitally and in print. Our risk analysts conduct the assessment according to the standards outlined in NIST Special Publication 800-30 Guide for Conducting Risk Assessments.

Our continuous improvement philosophy means our work does not end when we deliver a report. The consultants at Aligned Risk Management engage for a full 12 months, leading regular risk management follow-up meetings with staff. These meetings will support steady progress implementing and documenting recommended improvements. We also use these meetings to ensure that your organization is allocating resources effectively, implementing realistic solutions rather than wasting money on extravagant technology or burdensome procedures that do not fit the way the organization operates.

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